...be prepared in season and out of season... 2 Timothy 4:2 (NIV)

You want to get started with My TEA CUPP Prayers, but how should you begin? First, know you can pray to Jesus anytime and anywhere without any special tools.  However, to get you motivated for a daily routine at home, begin by collecting your “tools.”  Just having everything you need at hand, will make your TEA CUPP time go smoothly. Here are the TEA CUPP tools I recommend…

Bible...God's Word

Bible…God’s Word…This is a must-have!  God will speak to you through His Word.  Select a Bible that is best for you.  When I first started reading my Bible each day, I chose a One-Year Bible to keep me on track.  It was the Living Translation version which was much easier for me to read.  After a few years with that Bible, I tried a New International Version One Year Bible.  Since I was already in a daily routine, I was able to handle a more challenging version.  Then one year I found a daily Bible reading plan, so I was able to use a regular Bible, and I chose the New King James Version.  It was a good challenge for me.  Pray for God to show you just the right Bible to bring to your TEA CUPP time.

Book Mark…Prayer List…This can be just a folded sheet of paper you keep in your Bible with the names of all the people for whom you want to remember to pray.  I like to divide mine up into the days of the week, as my list gets too long.  Every few months I’ll make myself a fresh book mark as the prayer needs change.

Book Mark Prayer List

Prayer Journal

Prayer Journal…If you are having your TEA CUPP time at home (not while driving in the car), a journal is a great idea.  The journal keeps you focused as you pray.  It is harder for your mind to wonder if you are writing your prayers.  You can chose a fancy bound journal or a simple spiral notebook.  I prefer the spiral notebook, because I can fold it open flat.  They are also inexpensive and I tend to use them quickly.  But if you are more inspired by a pretty journal, go for it!

Pens…yes,  more than one!  Some days I’m sure it is satan who makes the ink run out of my pens!  He just loves to interrupt my prayer time.  So, if I have more than one pen, I keep on writing and praying, even if one runs out of ink.  I prefer the Pilot G-2 pen with it’s smooth fine tip.  You can use your pens for journaling, as well as underlining favorite Bible verses.

Good Pens


TEA CUPP…of course! You don’t have to have something to drink, but why not?!  I often just have a cup of hot water.  I like a big mug I can hold on chilly mornings, but I always imagine it is a dainty TEA CUPP I am sharing with Jesus.  Pick your favorite CUPP and get ready for TEA TIME!

Today’s TEA CUPP: Today gather all your TEA CUPP tools together and put them in a special spot in your home, perhaps by your favorite chair.  Designate this as your quiet time spot.  When your family sees you sitting there, they will know you are having TEA with Jesus.

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