Petitions with your family

Pray without ceasing. 1 Thessalonians 5:17  (NIV)

Pray without ceasing.  That is quite a command!  When My Tea Cupp time in the morning is complete and my day begins, how can I keep praying throughout the day? This is when we can invite our families into the habit of praying.  Here are a few ideas for incorporating petitions with our families during the day.  I hope you will share your ideas, too.

Book Mark: I keep a book mark in my Bible that reminds me to pray for my family and others.  We have a book mark for our family devotions, too.  If you’d like one of my books marks, just send me a message and I’ll mail one to you.

Graces: Saying grace at meal times is a great way to reconnect with family members and with God.   At breakfast, take turns  saying a longer prayer. At lunch and dinner we usually say a lively prayer like you might say at camp (I’ll post those sometime soon!).

Christmas Cards: We have a tradition of drawing a Christmas card out of our mail basket each day and praying for that person or family.  We usually begin around Valentine’s Day or the first of Lent, because most people have sent their Christmas cards by then.  It is fun to read them over again in the spring, and pray for our friends and family.  Some years we’ll send a postcard to people saying we prayed and other years we’ll just pray.

Bedtime prayers: I like to say a bedtime prayer with my kids when I tuck them in at night. We started this when our oldest child was just a baby in her crib.  So, it is something the kids just expect to happen.  I think their days would feel incomplete if we sent them to bed without a prayer.  My son Jacob talks to me before the prayer about things that are concerning him. Then we lift up those prayers to Jesus so he can have a good night sleep.

Prayer partners: We live at a church camp.  Each summer a great group of college students comes to work here.  On Sunday evenings we draw names out of a basket and pray for that person all week.  It is a great way to lift up each other in prayer.  I imagine you could do this with any of your groups…Bible study group, ladies’ group, scrapbook club, etc. Support your friends and carry them to Jesus by having prayer partners.

What are ways you like to spread My Tea Cupp Prayers throughout the day with your family?

New King James Version (NKJV)Copyright © 1982 by Thomas Nelson, Inc.

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